Sunday, February 27, 2011

Getting out of here

Okay, haven't posted in a couple days and I probably wont for a few more. Been setting my ducks in a row to move out. Kinda doing it without my old man's permission but its not like he ever notices when I'm around anyways.

As you can the tenseness has gone down somewhat but I'm still not comfortable in my house anymore. When I brush my teeth I'm always seeing shadows in the reflection of the doorway, and I always feel like there's something out watching me in the front garden when I go out.

Well, I'm done. Hopefully this'll all blow over, I guess. I mean... yeah I'm not gonna tempt fate here. I'll get back to you all if anything comes up.


  1. Good luck, man! I hope everything goes okay! Hopefully if you just get some time to relax and clear your mind things will look up.

  2. Yeah... I kinda doubt it though. The Angels tend to be a weirdness magnet themselves.

  3. Ever wonder if it has anything to do with the damned Demons? Then again they might just be too busy trolling you and having slapping contests with the angels to do anything.