Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quick Update

Brief again. No new Slender sightings as of yet, but got some related news. Apparently rebuilding efforts on DCHS 18, my High School that was destroyed in a...ummm... unfortunate set of circumstances, has been put on indefinite hiatus. The website gave no indication as to why this was, but one of my paranormal friends, Stanley, is sure that its the Slender Man. He's gonna be investigating it later today. I'll keep you posted on the details.

...Course, it could just be an ordinary Ghost haunting, but you never know. Heh, maybe you could a few Heavens out of this after all, Panty.

...Anyways, as for myself, ummm, I'm doing alright. Haven't been haunted or anything lately. Finishing up watching Plinkett's review of Revenge of the Sith, which my friends kind of pushed me to watch. It's actually very funny and insightful. Now, I'm the kind of nerd whose willing to give Lucas the benefit of the doubt in a few areas--Don't get me wrong, I've always found them mediocre at best--but this brought up things I hadn't even considered, such as the shoddy camera work in all the non-action scenes. Definitely worth a look even if you think you've seen enough prequel bashing for your lifetime; it really is quite insightful.

Umm, thats about it. Brief out.


  1. Geek Boy, please. You think I need YOUR help to find Ghosts?

    Also, I don't know if its better or worse that you're making this into your own personal nerd blog; It's hard picking out which is more pathetic.

  2. Didn't think Plinkett would be your thing Brief, but I'm glad you liked it. You should check out his other stuff if you haven't, he's just really good at taking a film and really deconstructing it while still being funny, I admit to not really caring for the serial killer stuff, not because I'm offended by it, but just thinking it gets in the way of the film analysis.

    Getting back to Slender Man, that report is very interesting. I'm not sure if it's him ether, I'll wait until there's more evidence. Has there been any recent ghost attacks as of late? I'm not from Daten but I know that place is swarmed with them.

    Regardless, be careful. Bad things seem to happen to Slendybloggers and Daten's dangerous enough as it is.

  3. Also, you gave Stocking her dildo back, right? Cause I admit that is kind of creepy to steal.

  4. @Firestorm: Ehh, I was kinda ambivalent to the idea of sitting through another trashing of the prequels myself, but my friends goaded me into it. Glad they did thogh. To me, the Slasher stuff is part of his appeal; his character is half the fun of the reviews. And...ummm, you know thats stuff's faked, right?

    As for ghosts... I'll probably be talking about that in an upcoming update, but no actually. There hasn't been a ghost attack for like a week. Pretty calm for once actually.

    Anywho, my friend should be getting back pretty soon. I'll recount anything he tells me.

  5. Ohh, he gave it back to me, alright... covered in hardened Gorilla glue. Sheeeesh, how the hell do yo expect me to stick this in my snatch?

    Though, on second thought....