Tuesday, February 22, 2011

*Sigh* I'm back

Kinda beat, but I'm okay. Still haven't heard from Stan, and... I don't think I will any time. I really don't know, I've got pounding headache, and I don't really feel well, but I got around to resetting my password, so there's that.

Ace'd a test ( I think) today; an exam for Teachings of the Catholic Church. (Yeah yeah, the irony does not escape me) Did WAAAY less studying than I should have, but managed to come away with... I think was a good exam. You never know until you get the grade.

I wish I had more to say, and if I felt better I probably would, but I'm feeling like shit. No dreams, phone calls or that BS, but... I dunno. Feeling out of it. Panty, pleeease, don't be antagonistic, okay?


  1. Awww, Poor Geek Boy scaredy-wared of the mean ole Slender Man? hauntin' your dwweeems? Awww... how pwecious.... :3

  2. YAY! You've regained control of your blog! Thank God, I thought Bitch Girl was going to cause some permanent damage.

    Aside from that, sorry to hear your in a shitty mood Brief. I can understand why though, between your friend's disappearance and Panty's hijacking, it's been a stressful few days for you. I hope your able to get some decent, nightmare free sleep tonight though. =)

    @Panty: Hey look, it's you being a bitch again. SHOCKING! Seriously, can't you just leave the poor kid alone for once? Guy's in a crappy mood as it is and your douchebaggery isn't helping.

    Also, that kitty smiley you keep using look's like a ballsack. Doubt that you care, but I find that pretty funny. :3

  3. Ehh, I dunno. Don't know exactly whats wrong. I think I'll try and post tonight to blow off some steam. Get SOMETHING out.