Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh shit...Oh shit

K... back.... yeah, I wanna get this out as quick as possible because I really don't know what the fuck is going but... CHrist hrisr christ, okay... just woke up after spending the night in the closet. I... really don't know exactly what happened but FUCK.... something did and now I KNOW some shit's going down. Jesus fucking Christ.....

Ok okay, I'll try to say what hppened but shit it was... wow... I honestly don't feel safe here atm and I on't wanna tell my dad cause he'll think I'm losing my mind and....

yeah... i'll start from the beginning, i'm just afraid it isn't gone.

I was working on the post when suddenly something  out of nowhere smashed through the balcony glass door (and btw I live on the top floor of a four story mansion so i have no fucking clue how that happened). I jerked around to see what the fuck was going on when the... thing just lunged at me. I barely scampered out of the way as it lept on to the desk bashing around my key board around. As I crawled backwards I could make it out, small humanoid in a tattered white gown like the one from the dream. Hell she probably was that thing girl from the other dream. She turn to me, her black.. I don't even know if they were eyes or nothing at all but they stared at me. She opened her jaw to reveal ragged, decaying teeth. its hands which gripped my desk chair ended in talons or maybe just sharp nails idk.

So it opened it jaws and releaseded this moan and jesus christ I scampered into the closest to hide like I was fucking 5 year old. I slammed the door shut behind me putting me in darkness but I could soon her scratching at the door and this low, droning moan she kept on the entire time.

Yeah when terrifying things happen I don't know how much time passed but when did she suddenly stopped. after a couple minute I geuss I was brave (yeah, brave haha) enough to open the door to peak through. 'She' was open on my bed on her hands and knees, directly glaring at me. I could not tear my eyes away from her... idk why but I was both terrified and curious... just don't ask me why. She tilted her head like a curious dog; I had no idea what to make of her but I just felt I just couldn't turn away.

Suddenly she broke eye contact and looked up at apparenly something behind me. My body went fucking rigid cause... I felt... something. I could barely pull my head and gaze up before I felt something.... slither i geuss over my hair. Thats when I blacked out, I think.

I woke up a few hours ago but I didn't dare leave the 'safety' of the closet for over two hours. When I came out I found the room immaculate; no shattered glass or anything. The only evidence something happened is that Post on my blog, which... I really don't want to speculate, this is all too fucking much.

If you're wondering what my second dream was, don't fucking bother. I've completely forgotten. I feel like I'm losing my mind here, no way in hell I can tell my dad about this. Not much about my life is rational to begin with but this is beyond the pale. And... I don't think its gone, what ever it or they are. I'm eyeing my closet right now, thinking one of those blazers is just gonna spontaneously come to life.

I need to spend some time away from here, like now. I dunno what I'll do but just... something. I'm gonna have to do something about this.



  1. Ehh, don't really buy this but... ehh, we've got extra couches if you want to crash here; shouldn't annoy me TOO much, hopefully.

  2. Dawwwww Panty has something resembling a blood-pumping organ.

  3. Jesus Brief... just, holy shit man. I don't really know what to say but, God I hope you get through this and escape from that.... thing you described. If it's any comfort, you at least have two angels by your side.

    Speaking of which, Panty, I know I've given you shit in the past and we don't really like each other. But regardless, the fact that your offering Brief a place to stay means a hell of a lot coming from you. So yeah, just thank you for proving you do have a heart beneath all those layers of bitchiness.

    I wish the best for you guys.

  4. Ehh don't get so sappy on me. If something kills Geek Boy who else am I gonna screw with?

  5. Oooh, the little dweeb got an unexpected visitor, hmm? Why, it must have been ever so frightening for such a fragile moral such as yourself.

  6. Most definitely, dear sister. I would not in the least be surprised if Brief's Briefs are rather yellow at present.

  7. Uggh, you two. The fuck are YOU doing? Aren't you supposed to be making ghosts and trying to ruin are shit and that jazz? We've been so bored lately.

  8. There are some... technical difficulties that we are contending with at the moment, but rest assured you will be up to your necks in ghosts in short order. Au revoir!

  9. @Panty: Heh sorry, I tend to be a sappy motherfucker a lot of the time. I still think it's pretty sweet of you.

    Have fun busting ghosts and kicking the shit out of some fascist demons!

  10. I think the girl-thing might have a crush on you Brief.