Monday, March 28, 2011

For The Love Of Fuck....

I swear to God this better go through or I'll ram this blackberry up Geek Boy's asshole the next time I see him.

For like the... 12th time,I'm trying to get this fucking message out. I'm in Bratislawhatever, some stupid European shitstain with no sex shops and all the men are so ancient I'm afraid their cocks would snap off in my cunt if I tried to fuck'em.

Ugggh, and don't bother asking why I'm here, I don't fucking know. A week erumshit ago I feel asleep in a motel  with Stockers then *BOOM*. Former Soviet Bloc nation! Internet connectivity is dick out here so if this doesn't get through AGAIN I swear I'll break off an icicle and gauge some fucker's eyes out. Yeah, thats another, its cold as fuck out here still. Oh, why I wouldn't give to have some fresh meat inside me. :/

You're probably as confused as hell over this but fuck you, I'm too pissed off to give a shit. Geek Boy, you get this? Your fucking number's been dead for over a week. This is all your fault, you know that right? Stupid fucking slenderfag......


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Well, I Found Someone...

Kneesocks: Just wasn't

Brief: Hey everyone, I'm

Kneesocks: Sorry; that dweeb grabbed my Droid. I told him I would dictate, lest his dirty mortal scuff it.

Brief: But... these are my

Kneesocks: Just because I don't have my scythes doesn't mean I can't kill you in other ways, mortal.


Kneesocks: Good, as I was saying, I was pinged by this dumbass

Brief: Yo

Kneesocks:.......thank you; apparently he's in the same situation as me. We're... God knows where, outside of Daten at least. In some low rent motel. Ugggh

Brief: You were going to

Kneesocks: I know what I fucking want to say, filthy human. Uggggh, I can't fucking believe this is happening to me, ME, and my sister.... We went to the church, my Sister was in charge. Heh, you mortals think us Demons can't enter your pathetic places of worship; that hole in the wall barely qualifies as anything 'holy'.

Brief: Just get it over with, I...

Kneesocks: Christ, you are fucking annoying... So yeah, we scared the living daylights out of the dweeb, that's for sure. But we wanted to face down those angels, get something to happen. I was looking forward to reaming the blade of my Scythe up that sugary goth brat's asshole, but something came

Brief: There's a knock on the door

Kneesocks: Well, I don't know, got get it I guess. Now something came before those idiot angels did. A bank of fog or something blanketed everything; we waited eagerly with our weapons for them to appear. I saw her in the mist, I thought she was that goth bitch first but yeah got to go. NOW. Probably be several more days, I dunno. BYE


Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Don't Know Why I'm Doing This, But..

Okay, mortals. I'll keep this short and simple for you. Normally I wouldn't even consider trying to explain such a complex matter to you, but... yeah, I'm kind of out of options at the moment.

Before we vacated the motel, that geek boy forced a slip of paper into me and my sister's hands. I lost track of her, though, and I'm worried... uggggh, what the hell am I even telling you for. I'm by myself now, and I believe I am secure but... this is so fucking stupid, I shouldn't be feeling like this.

So this all began a few weeks ago. Our (possibly former?) Lord suddenly grew distant (well, MORE distant); He did not summon us for updates or place new quotas on Ghost production. All the same for us; those angels and you mortals who pathetically cling to them are so delightful to torment. However... we began to encounter technical difficulties.

It was the soul of a Sanitation Worker who was crushed by his dump truck's compacter. Dredging his soul up and converting it into a Ghost was child's play for the likes of us, but... something went wrong. As soon as it manifested, it began to... evaporate, its hard to adequately describe. Within a minute it was reduced to nothing but vapors that were blown away by the wind.

Mind you at no point did we consider our technique to be deficient, it was most likely a weak, too easily purified soul, we thought. So we chose a more wretched soul next, a teacher that choked to death on the cock of the underage student that was deepthroating her. We were dismayed and alarmed, however, to find that the same result as before occurred. We then went through several other Ghost candidates, but none would produce for us a proper Ghost.

I was getting worried, and I told my sister that we should report this to Lord Corset. Scanty was.... adamant that we not. She said several disrespectful things about him, which... I myself did not disagree with. With our ghost creation abilities nullified for the time being and too frankly... unmotivated to face those disgusting angels ourselves, I and Scanty had some... time to ourselves...

That lasted to about a week ago, when we had just finished... having time to ourselves, It had dawned on us we hadn't heard a peep from Lord Corset in over a week. My sister was not particularly interested in discovering what had happened, but with a bit of cajoling I got her to come with me to his chambers. After raping on the door and waiting for several minutes, Scanty took the initiative by blasting the door off its hinges with her revolvers.

The room was...  Empty, completely empty. Nothing was out of place, no signs of struggle. He just wasn't there.  We the checked the tower top to bottom, but there was no sign of him. We had no idea how long he'd been gone for. That's when my sister decided we needed to be proactive.....

Look, humans, my eyes are beginning to glaze over from this monitor glare and.... damnit I shouldn't feel this weak but something's watching me. I just know. I'll try to fill you in more, Lucifer knows why, tomorrow, after I've moved to a different location. But... I just need to sleep, I haven't had nearly enough sleep.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Well, Shit Most Certainly Went Down

Brief: Okay, back, for real this time. I

Panty: Move it, Geek Boy. If anyone should tell this bullshit, its me. You'd probably fuck it up with that your nerd faggotry.

Stocking: Like you have anything useful to say. Everything that comes out of your mouth is either bitching or spitting up semen.

Panty: Oh, like you're some chaste princess, huh bitch? You're every bit a slut as I am?

Scanty: Would you two obnoxious angels shut the fuck up and... wait why are we even telling THESE people again?

Panty: Well, Geek boy here thought they'd... wait a minute, why the fuck did I listen to you again?

Brief: I need to get this out to my followers, they NEED to know whats going on.

Kneesocks: Wait, is that simpering blockhead recording all our words?

Breif: I'm trying to be comprehensive they need to

Stocking: You hear that?

Panty: What?

Stocking: I hear it, the sound from befo

Scanty: I thought you said this place was secure!

Panty: I thought it was, I know this motel like the back of my hand!

Man: ...Uhh..uhh hey, blonde chick, thanks for the night and all but

Panty: Shit! It is it we gotta


Brief: It's like before we


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Still Alive


..wooooo Yeah, I'm back. That was.... quite something. I'll post more details tomorrow, but I'm still alive. Man.... I'm ok... but....gonna take a while.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Garter's Gone

No, not dead or disappeared or anything but.... he up and suddenly left.

Don't ask me why or where he went, I haven't goddamn clue. Early this evening, when I was chatting to a mutual friend about the reconstruction efforts at DCHS, Garter stormed into the antechamber, dressed not in his cloak and frock but a leather jacket and motorbike helmet. When I asked him what was going on he said he had 'business to attend to' and quickly left before I could another word in edgewise.

So as you can guess we're all understandably dumbfounded (Well, I am; the angels more or less simply shrugged) by this. I don't have any lead on what's up. Its just... ugggh, yet another thing to contend with. I WANT to go down to the school but I'm sti

Miss Scanty: Oh what dreadful droning, is it not Miss Kneesocks?

Miss Kneesocks: Puerile dribble from an infantile mind, Dear Sister.

Miss S: Oh it is so rewarding to see those pathetic mortals run off, fearful for their worthless lives. Hmhmhm! But now where are they now?

Miss K: It would be most logical to assume their out on the town, sating their most base of desires.

Miss S: Yes... that is most certainly the Modus Operandi of creatures so despicable as angels.

Miss K: And the boy? The fool is probably still cowering in vain in the other room.

Miss S: Ehh, leave him for now. He is not worth our time.

Miss K: Yes, Miss Scanty; forgive my brashness in going after a mere mortal.

Miss S: And as for YOU, Angels of the gutter, if you see this, we're waiting for you in the church. You asked for a challenge, but I'm afraid we are much more than you are capable of handling. So until we next met...

Miss S&K: We bid you Adieu!

-Scanty and Kneesocks

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Update

Okay, been pretty busy lately working on a few things you'll be hearing soon, so I'll just break it down into bullet form:

  • The move in went 'well', at least for as well as I could honestly have hoped for. The Anarchy sisters have been as accommodating as usual, but as long as I don't enter their annexes I should be in the clear. Sleeping is problematic though; the couch itself is comfy but their 'dog', Chuck, has tendency to come out in the middle of the night and hump it for hours on end. At this point I kinda just have to roll with it.
  • No Slendy or demon-girl... well, having actual known some personally I don't know if demon-girl really fits but *shrug*. Not even in my dreams. Weather's still shit as ever and my unease doesn't go away.That presence that I reported like almost a month ago on that excursion I feel  off and on outside of the Church. I try to keep those circumstances to a bare minimum.
  • I actually tried calling my other paranormal friends recently to see if they'd heard from Stan or anything (Yeah yeah, I should've done this earlier..). And, ummm, apparently they're gone too, none of them picked up. I'd go to their house to check up on them, but.... yeah no.
  • As for the sisters themselves, Panty seems to be growing increasingly antsy as of late. I can't really corroberate this because like I said, I don't go out often now, but apparently the Daten clubbing scene is completely dead. She was reduced to giving a BJ to some dude in a back alley, and even that was a few days ago. Combined with no Ghosts to fight, She's been feeling real cooped up. I'm starting to get worried about her; she's starting to walk around the cathedral listlessly like a dog trapped in a cage. It's really sad, in my opinion. :/
  • Stocking on the other hand has been taking things really well. Since she's sitting on a backlog of Heavens from all the Ghosts she's defeated, she's been spending her time summoning up sweets from Ex Nihilo  (A 'mail' order catalog angels use) to chowdown on without even leaving the church. Her reserve is beginning to run out though, which is lead her to start bitching about how since the currency is, in the most literal sense, is fiat, why they even bother instituting a currency at all. I told her that for things to have meaning they must have a 'price' to them... an answer she was not very receptive to.
  • As for me, I've been working on a lead. I backtraced the original message I got, and it appears it DID come from the ruins of DCHS. I'll have to head back there soon to see what happened... when I work up the nerve to I mean.