Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Well, I Found Someone...

Kneesocks: Just wasn't

Brief: Hey everyone, I'm

Kneesocks: Sorry; that dweeb grabbed my Droid. I told him I would dictate, lest his dirty mortal scuff it.

Brief: But... these are my

Kneesocks: Just because I don't have my scythes doesn't mean I can't kill you in other ways, mortal.


Kneesocks: Good, as I was saying, I was pinged by this dumbass

Brief: Yo

Kneesocks:.......thank you; apparently he's in the same situation as me. We're... God knows where, outside of Daten at least. In some low rent motel. Ugggh

Brief: You were going to

Kneesocks: I know what I fucking want to say, filthy human. Uggggh, I can't fucking believe this is happening to me, ME, and my sister.... We went to the church, my Sister was in charge. Heh, you mortals think us Demons can't enter your pathetic places of worship; that hole in the wall barely qualifies as anything 'holy'.

Brief: Just get it over with, I...

Kneesocks: Christ, you are fucking annoying... So yeah, we scared the living daylights out of the dweeb, that's for sure. But we wanted to face down those angels, get something to happen. I was looking forward to reaming the blade of my Scythe up that sugary goth brat's asshole, but something came

Brief: There's a knock on the door

Kneesocks: Well, I don't know, got get it I guess. Now something came before those idiot angels did. A bank of fog or something blanketed everything; we waited eagerly with our weapons for them to appear. I saw her in the mist, I thought she was that goth bitch first but yeah got to go. NOW. Probably be several more days, I dunno. BYE


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  1. '\/\/\/\/\/'
    don't turn out the light.
    or else tHE darkness fills it up.
    and in the darkness not a single soul Can prOsper.
    pay tribute to the darkness to keep the light alive.
    until only one Mortal and the darknESs remains