Friday, March 4, 2011

New Update

Okay, been pretty busy lately working on a few things you'll be hearing soon, so I'll just break it down into bullet form:

  • The move in went 'well', at least for as well as I could honestly have hoped for. The Anarchy sisters have been as accommodating as usual, but as long as I don't enter their annexes I should be in the clear. Sleeping is problematic though; the couch itself is comfy but their 'dog', Chuck, has tendency to come out in the middle of the night and hump it for hours on end. At this point I kinda just have to roll with it.
  • No Slendy or demon-girl... well, having actual known some personally I don't know if demon-girl really fits but *shrug*. Not even in my dreams. Weather's still shit as ever and my unease doesn't go away.That presence that I reported like almost a month ago on that excursion I feel  off and on outside of the Church. I try to keep those circumstances to a bare minimum.
  • I actually tried calling my other paranormal friends recently to see if they'd heard from Stan or anything (Yeah yeah, I should've done this earlier..). And, ummm, apparently they're gone too, none of them picked up. I'd go to their house to check up on them, but.... yeah no.
  • As for the sisters themselves, Panty seems to be growing increasingly antsy as of late. I can't really corroberate this because like I said, I don't go out often now, but apparently the Daten clubbing scene is completely dead. She was reduced to giving a BJ to some dude in a back alley, and even that was a few days ago. Combined with no Ghosts to fight, She's been feeling real cooped up. I'm starting to get worried about her; she's starting to walk around the cathedral listlessly like a dog trapped in a cage. It's really sad, in my opinion. :/
  • Stocking on the other hand has been taking things really well. Since she's sitting on a backlog of Heavens from all the Ghosts she's defeated, she's been spending her time summoning up sweets from Ex Nihilo  (A 'mail' order catalog angels use) to chowdown on without even leaving the church. Her reserve is beginning to run out though, which is lead her to start bitching about how since the currency is, in the most literal sense, is fiat, why they even bother instituting a currency at all. I told her that for things to have meaning they must have a 'price' to them... an answer she was not very receptive to.
  • As for me, I've been working on a lead. I backtraced the original message I got, and it appears it DID come from the ruins of DCHS. I'll have to head back there soon to see what happened... when I work up the nerve to I mean.


  1. Problem? What problem? What the fuck made you think I had a problem, Geek Boy? Do I LOOK like I have a problem, huh!?

  2. Chill the fuck out Panty, Brief's just concerned about your well being. And loudly and angrily denying that you have a problem, really doesn't help in making it look like you don't have one.

    As for you Brief, glad the move into the church went okay. So this Ex Nihilo is like Heaven's version of Amazon, interesting.

    If you decide to go back to the ruins, make you sure at least bring someone with you. Maybe Panty, it sounds like she's going insane from being all cooped up and she could use the fresh air. The fact that you can't contact any of your friends, well.... I don't need to tell you that's not a good sign.

    Regardless, be sure to keep us posted on your situation and I hope thing's start getting better for ya bro. =)

  3. Sorry to hear things still aren't looking up too much. (Though at least the nightmares seem to have stopped) Especially for Panty, I know how much cabin fever can suck! >.< I hope things get better soon!

    As for your friends, maybe there's still hope. Panty said the clubbing scene had died right? So maybe your friends are just holed up in their houses like you guys and a lot of other people in the city.

    Good luck with your return trip to DCHS too, whenever you decide to go. Just be careful.

  4. I can find a man to fuck! Easy! I don't have a problem at all!

  5. Panty, Panty, always thinking with your cunt.

  6. Oh, and its not like YOU have any problems, huh, sweettooth bitch? I'd like to see YOU keep your composure when all your Heavens run out.

  7. I'm...I'm conserving, honest! I have at least a few dozen left, that'll get me through this drought.

  8. With how many sweets you guzzle? Not a chance, you glutton.

  9. Ho ho ho, do I spy a new weakness in our most disgraceful and unworthy opponents, Miss Kneesocks?

  10. Most certainly, dear sister. It appears that their inaction has drained them of what little insipid, vulgar vitality they had. It would be most fortuitous to strike while they are in this predicament, though by no means would we require these circumstances to defeat such lowly of foes.

  11. Hey, Demon cunts! Stop yapping and create some ghosts for us to slay. We're bored out of our fucking skulls here!