Friday, March 11, 2011

Well, Shit Most Certainly Went Down

Brief: Okay, back, for real this time. I

Panty: Move it, Geek Boy. If anyone should tell this bullshit, its me. You'd probably fuck it up with that your nerd faggotry.

Stocking: Like you have anything useful to say. Everything that comes out of your mouth is either bitching or spitting up semen.

Panty: Oh, like you're some chaste princess, huh bitch? You're every bit a slut as I am?

Scanty: Would you two obnoxious angels shut the fuck up and... wait why are we even telling THESE people again?

Panty: Well, Geek boy here thought they'd... wait a minute, why the fuck did I listen to you again?

Brief: I need to get this out to my followers, they NEED to know whats going on.

Kneesocks: Wait, is that simpering blockhead recording all our words?

Breif: I'm trying to be comprehensive they need to

Stocking: You hear that?

Panty: What?

Stocking: I hear it, the sound from befo

Scanty: I thought you said this place was secure!

Panty: I thought it was, I know this motel like the back of my hand!

Man: ...Uhh..uhh hey, blonde chick, thanks for the night and all but

Panty: Shit! It is it we gotta


Brief: It's like before we



  1. Uh.... I.... what?

    Guy's? I am very confused and kinda scared right now. I mean whatever happened to have, from what I'm guessing, those Demons to team up with you. Must of been some serious shit indeed. I mean whatever the hell is going on there, whether this is HIS doing or some other creature, just WHAT THE FUCK?!

    And ChasityB, you are seriously creeping me out here. Who are you?