Monday, March 28, 2011

For The Love Of Fuck....

I swear to God this better go through or I'll ram this blackberry up Geek Boy's asshole the next time I see him.

For like the... 12th time,I'm trying to get this fucking message out. I'm in Bratislawhatever, some stupid European shitstain with no sex shops and all the men are so ancient I'm afraid their cocks would snap off in my cunt if I tried to fuck'em.

Ugggh, and don't bother asking why I'm here, I don't fucking know. A week erumshit ago I feel asleep in a motel  with Stockers then *BOOM*. Former Soviet Bloc nation! Internet connectivity is dick out here so if this doesn't get through AGAIN I swear I'll break off an icicle and gauge some fucker's eyes out. Yeah, thats another, its cold as fuck out here still. Oh, why I wouldn't give to have some fresh meat inside me. :/

You're probably as confused as hell over this but fuck you, I'm too pissed off to give a shit. Geek Boy, you get this? Your fucking number's been dead for over a week. This is all your fault, you know that right? Stupid fucking slenderfag......



  1. Fuck Yeah, it got through.

  2. "Anon"?March 30, 2011 at 8:45 PM

    Well thats nice, Stocking with you or is she missing as well?

  3. @"Anon"?
    she's in the dark I'd guess.
    just like the others