Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Don't Know Why I'm Doing This, But..

Okay, mortals. I'll keep this short and simple for you. Normally I wouldn't even consider trying to explain such a complex matter to you, but... yeah, I'm kind of out of options at the moment.

Before we vacated the motel, that geek boy forced a slip of paper into me and my sister's hands. I lost track of her, though, and I'm worried... uggggh, what the hell am I even telling you for. I'm by myself now, and I believe I am secure but... this is so fucking stupid, I shouldn't be feeling like this.

So this all began a few weeks ago. Our (possibly former?) Lord suddenly grew distant (well, MORE distant); He did not summon us for updates or place new quotas on Ghost production. All the same for us; those angels and you mortals who pathetically cling to them are so delightful to torment. However... we began to encounter technical difficulties.

It was the soul of a Sanitation Worker who was crushed by his dump truck's compacter. Dredging his soul up and converting it into a Ghost was child's play for the likes of us, but... something went wrong. As soon as it manifested, it began to... evaporate, its hard to adequately describe. Within a minute it was reduced to nothing but vapors that were blown away by the wind.

Mind you at no point did we consider our technique to be deficient, it was most likely a weak, too easily purified soul, we thought. So we chose a more wretched soul next, a teacher that choked to death on the cock of the underage student that was deepthroating her. We were dismayed and alarmed, however, to find that the same result as before occurred. We then went through several other Ghost candidates, but none would produce for us a proper Ghost.

I was getting worried, and I told my sister that we should report this to Lord Corset. Scanty was.... adamant that we not. She said several disrespectful things about him, which... I myself did not disagree with. With our ghost creation abilities nullified for the time being and too frankly... unmotivated to face those disgusting angels ourselves, I and Scanty had some... time to ourselves...

That lasted to about a week ago, when we had just finished... having time to ourselves, It had dawned on us we hadn't heard a peep from Lord Corset in over a week. My sister was not particularly interested in discovering what had happened, but with a bit of cajoling I got her to come with me to his chambers. After raping on the door and waiting for several minutes, Scanty took the initiative by blasting the door off its hinges with her revolvers.

The room was...  Empty, completely empty. Nothing was out of place, no signs of struggle. He just wasn't there.  We the checked the tower top to bottom, but there was no sign of him. We had no idea how long he'd been gone for. That's when my sister decided we needed to be proactive.....

Look, humans, my eyes are beginning to glaze over from this monitor glare and.... damnit I shouldn't feel this weak but something's watching me. I just know. I'll try to fill you in more, Lucifer knows why, tomorrow, after I've moved to a different location. But... I just need to sleep, I haven't had nearly enough sleep.



  1. Wait, so did you two get separated from Brief and the Angels or did you both intentionality split up from them?

    Meh, regardless, thanks for shedding some light on the situation, despite your reluctance to do so. The last few days sound like they've been a huge clusterfuck for everyone involved.

    So your boss just disappeared? Weird.

    I know you don't like us Humans much and the feelings mutual Demon, but still. Whatever's going on here, whatever that THING stalking you guys is, it be best if we all corporate until it can be stopped, IF it can be stopped.

    And sorry to hear you got separated from your sister. She seems pretty tough though, so hopefully you two will be reunited soon.

  2. Uggh, I don't need your sympathy mortal, but... ugggh. Still on the road. I'll be able to post the rest tomorrow.

  3. Another one bites the dust, eh?
    To bad so sad.
    But the souls will feed him quite nicely I guess.
    keep up the good work.
    and don't turn out the light.