Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ok, Just Got Back

A tad paranoid to be honest. Nothing 'bad' per se happened but... I dunno. It just felt off.

Let me back track a little, its hard to explain. So I leave my home and head out the street to the game store which is, I would guess, 2 or so miles away in a chain outlet. My neighborhood's fairly upscale; bunch of McMansions and manicured lawns and there's always police patrolling so I don't have to be worried about being mugged or anything (though hell of a lot of good they'll be if Ghosts were to attack), but there was an emptiness to it. I mean there were other people out; jogging, walking dogs, that sort of thing, but... maybe the weather's beginning to get to them. It got pretty miserable when the wind started to kick up into my face, but I could deal with it. But even the weather considered, there weren't a lot of people out, even when I got to the shopping center. And the people I did see were lethargic and tired. Man, I hope this weather breaks soon.

More than that though, and you're all gonna say I'm just letting this SM thing get to me, but... I felt like I was being watched. No, I didn't see any shadowy figures or anything like that, but I felt, as weird as it sounds, like I ALMOST did. It felt like there eyes peering at the back of my head; not actively glaring as much as passively observing.... I know this sounds like gibberish but this feeling is hard to describe. It might just be a bit of paranoia getting to me, idk. But in the back of my head, I kept expecting SOMETHING to step out of the shadows. Needless to say, this made the entire trip tense and uncomfortable.

And the best part about it all? The game I pre-ordered, Bulletstorm? Well, turns out I mixed up what day it was released on, its not out for another two weeks, so this was all a great use of my time. I'm gonna play some ME2 then go to bed. Hopefully my dreams won't be that disturbed from all this paranoia.


  1. Pfft, come on Geek Boy; I know you're a coward but you're better than this, jumping at shadows.

    TBH, though, I can't stand this weather either. All the men would rather fap off cozily in their homes than go out clubbing, and this is seriously cutting into the amount and quality of cock I've , been getting. Uggh, won't the Sun just come out already?

  2. You didn't get your Bulletstorm?



  3. Jeez, I've been bitching about the weather in my town for a while, but it sounds like I'm getting off easy compared to you guys.

    Maybe you should take a few days off from SlendyBlogging though, just to see if it helps improve your mood. The combination of the deary and rather ominous weather and the constant reading up on a High Octane Nightmare Fuel generator like SM, might not be helping.

    Also, sorry about your preorder mix up dude. That's gotta suck, especially after your rather nightmarish trip there. On a lighter note, you have good taste, Bulletstorm look's amazing. Have you played the demo yet?

  4. Ehh, maybe I oversold it a bit. I'm just a bit on edge as of late; kinda weird not being involved with Ghostbusting as of late. Paradoxically it makes me more tense, cause now I'm spending my time looking at other paranormal stuff. Wow, its weird that I'm actually asking for a ghost attack, but something has to break up this tension. I'll probably be hanging out at the Church this weekend.

    Anyways, ME2 cheered me up a bit. Romancing Tali atm, such snapiness hiding such a tender interior. *sigh*

  5. Oh boy, a visit from Geek Boy. My week is complete.

    And yeah, no. Still ain't fucking happening. Cut your foreskin and then we'll talk.

  6. Okay, Brief this is kind of a personal question, so I understand if your not comfortable answering it. But if you are then let me ask, why do you like Panty so much even though she treats you like shit?

    It's got to be more then her looks, you don't seem like the shallow type. You know her better then I do, what is it about her that appeals to you so much? I'm honestly curious because all I see in her posts is "Hi! I am gigantic bitch!" I've also heard many of her destructive antics and how she abuses you.

    I guess what I'm basically asking is, what do you see in her that I and many others don't?

  7. Hey, asshole, I can read your posts too, you know.

  8. Yeah, I know Bitch Girl. (That's your new name.)

  9. Hey, umm, not that I care much about it but one of the previous posts seems... kinda messed up.

  10. Yeah just saw that, what the hell!?

  11. Brief? Did he do this? Shit, this is just creepy.