Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Dreams

Yeah... Said I'd post something tonight, so I will. Been distracted and, well, more good news folk! I'm remembering my dreams again!

God.... Just crawled out of a bed a few hours ago, and I'll probably be back soon. Not much sleep, just restless and all. Headache still isn't going away and I think I'm running a low fever. Beds and sheet drenched in sweat. Uck.... Got an A- on that Theo Exam at least but I could've done better on it. I KNEW that the Council of Trent was too chickenshit to address the relationship between Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition beyond it being non-hierarchal and that Vatican II had to clean it up their mess, but I didn't put it down. *Sigh*

But yeah I've remembered a few dreams... weird ones.. though what really qualifies as 'weird' anymore for me is pretty arbitrary at this point. The first one I remember we were like at the train station from the Harry Potter series (and yes, I've read the books and seen the movies). I was on the platform next to the railway. Panty and Stocking were there next to me, though whenever Stocking was in the corner of my eye she would momentarily turn into one of the Demon Sisters (Kneesocks, I think), though I didn't notice it at the time. Panty was talking about something, but she'd randomly rewind and say words backwards. It was like a word salad of gibberish. Stocking/Kneesocks didn't say a word. There was a crowd mulling around behind us, probably walking around in circles for all I know.

After a good amount of time passed I asked Panty why exactly we were there. She responded, to the best I can remember  "awaiting are us we the a man to come," to which I assumed she meant Garter at the time, which seemed perfectly reasonable in the moment. Then she started, in her halting, David Lynchian manner whether Zeon's warcrimes in the One Year War of UC Gundam could be pragmatically justified. This is when it began to dawn on me that this might all be a dream.

Soon a train arrived at the platform and out poured a troop of clowns, lead by The Joker and Kefka from Final Fantasy VI. They were all carrying assault weaponry, some dual wielding. Kefka called to crowd and said that his travelling act would be putting on an interactive performance, to which the ad hoc audience applauded. Just as I turned around at the sound of the clapping the troop opened up on the crowd, which was over 100 people large. The audience cheered as their bodies were torn to pits, beheaded torsos still clapping, heads laughing as they flew through the air, as row after row of the jubilant audience was turned to gibs and red mist.

For some reason none of this concerned me until I saw Him again, standing between the tattered remains of a former family of five. Dozens of bullets 'hit' him, but not really. They passed through him like they were nothing, disappearing as it entered his featureless 'face' and reappearing as it exited the other side; his suit was immaculate as always. As the crowd whittled down, he turned towards me, 'staring' at me like his 'face' was one giant eye. I stood their quivering for what felt like minutes when suddenly from behind a scythe came into my field of view and came slashing down on my neck, causing me to bolt awake. Kneesocks apparently did me in :/

I... really don't know what to make of this, so I'm move onto my next dream. My secon dreakihjb asfujabsifuasb  afqaswhjf QIKFB9319
QVqaoivgf b
              fqWUI Fqeuiob fQEj

 WAD A IKDW             DWJASO WOJO  O O O F QE fqefqefqo gbo booqfavd o


vgswdboi   fuwoi  fsa jofa oijwq jioaw

foqgf weofw of



Tee hee....


  1. Just being courteous ;)

  2. ....Geek Boy? Ummm... uhhh.... You alright?

  3. For once I agree with you Panty. Brief? WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!?

  4. This is not good..
    Yeah, thanks for pointing that out, Captian Obvious.