Friday, February 11, 2011

Weird Dreams

Sorry I'm so late to getting to this, but I had to suss out what exactly happened. Been a few hours since I woke up so the details are probably a bit sketchy, but here's what I remember.

I was in the church, right up at the pulpit surrounded by the empty pews. There was no color on anything; the contrast had been reduced to the point of gray-scale and there seemed to be a film grain overlayed on top of it. The room was unnaturally bright with no obvious light source; a hollow whitish-gray tone. And the only sounds at first was this continuous drone of a needle skipping across a broken record.

So I was just sitting there in the middle of the empty church, not knowing what the hell I was supposed to do for about a good minute when I heard a light giggle from behind one of the pews. Sorta-kinda realizing this was a dream (I think...), and feeling a tad adventurous, I walked down the aisle, slowly approaching the pew were the giggling emanated from. Suddenly a small figure just leaped up from one of the rows, scrambling over the pews on all fours like an animal before breaking into a sprint for the back of the church. I didn't really get a good look at it at first because frankly I was scared shitless, but the figure appeared to be wearing an elegant gown like one of Stocking's, but all white. It was giggling like a girl the whole time, so I assumed that's what its gender had to be.

After being dumbstruck for a few seconds, for whatever reason, I decided to chase after her. She'd ducked into a door leading to a stairway, and I quickly follow. I caught a glimpse of her on the top landing; long grey strands of hair trailing behind her as she disappeared into this bright white void beyond the doorway at the top. Only now do I realize that she probably waiting for me.

So yeah, foolishly, I follow her into the grey-ish white void and suddenly I'm on Main Street, everything still grey-scale; hollow, lifeless. The whole city felt dead, like a flickering illusion, especially with that grainy filter. The ambient noise of the skipping record suddenly increased, my vision flickering with each skip. I saw the girl run out before me, about 100 or so yards away, running toward... Him.

He was there, standing in the middle of the road, a good eight feet tall. His head, a featureless grey blob, craned from side to side as the girl ran up to him, clutching at his leg as she turned back to look at me. I could make her out clearly now; yeah she was wearing a gothic gown, but it was tattered and seemed to be stained. Her face though... I dunno if her eyes were black or torn out but they just weren't THERE. They were just black voids. His tendril like arm wrapped around her shoulder.

His head suddenly jerked around to 'look' directly at me. The next flicker of my vision he was 20 yards closer, and then 20 yards closer again. It wasn't until he was 40 yards that I realized the threat, so I turned around and ran. I ran for a good 15 seconds before something grasp at my neck. And then I woke up.

Now, I dunno what to make of this dream, I'm not gonna go out and say this was prophetic or anything, but the vividness of it was simply unnerving. I know I'm stressed out from everything, but even accounting for that this was just... bizzare. I'll keep you posted on any further dreams I have.

And Panty, FS, please... try to keep it civil okay? I don't want to have to start zapping posts.

And what's wrong with any of the previous posts? They seem fine to me.


  1. Ugggh, do you really think any of us give a damn what stupid dreams you've had?

  2. Yeah, sorry about last night's fight. I was the one who started it in the first place and I was being a total doucebag. I'll just try to ignore Panty from here on out.

    Anyways's, holy shit man that must of been horrible for you. I mean getting a face full of HIM, ugh.

    As for your last question, WHAT! You don't see the changes? It's your post with the Mars sunrise/set. The pic's been replaced with static and the Star Wars music has been changed to this backwards radio signal that sounds like something from my worst nightmare's. I thought your blog got hacked.

    I'm really starting to get worried about you Brief. Between that fucked up dream and the weird stuff happening here, I just have this felling of dread in my stomach and it's not going away. I don't want to stress you out any further though, I just really hope things start turning around for you soon, I really do.

  3. Its nothing, really. I'm kinda used to this shit nowadays. Heh, when you deal with the kinda stuff I do, you can't always afford the luxury of piece of mind.

  4. True. I guess when you live in a city where attacks from ghosts made of shit and seaman are a regular occurrence, you just start getting used to all the madness.

    Still, I do hope your able to get a break from all this bullshit for the weekend.

  5. Well, you'll be glad to hear I did take short break from thinking about all this. I'll be posting an update once I get back from church.